‘Viva Air Colombia’ leaves tourists in Cancun after airline closure


The travelers from Colombia, Argentina, Chile and even from Mexico stuck for two days.

Dozens of passengers were stranded, some for the second day, in terminal 2 of the Cancun International Airport, after Live Air Colombia decided to suspend all his operations, due to a financial crisis that is going through since last year.

Among those affected are Colombians, Argentines, Chileans, Peruvians and Mexicans, who had a return flight to any of these countries or, who bought a ticket from Cancun to go on vacation to one of these destinations or another from South America.

Martina, an Argentina who had a flight back to her country, with connection in Medellín, Colombia, said they were waiting for 30 hours and had no money.

Airlines ‘extends the wings for helping travelers

Although some airlines such as Latam, Avianca, Wingo and Sky offered to transport all passengers stranded on the routes assigned with Viva Air Colombia at no additional cost, the spaces are subject to availability and carry two or three passengers.

“We are waiting again for a flight to be able to leave, because there is no possibility to buy other tickets (plane), because prices are excessively expensive and we have to wait until tomorrow, because I understand that there is a Waiting list of 40 people, ”said Emilio, originally from Peru.

Those who had a flight through Viva Air Colombia from Cancun for tourism reasons had to see their trip suspended because no airline take passengers for this reason.

According to the Southeast Airport Group (ASUR), the Colombian company only maintained a daily flight to and from Medellín, Antioquia, so more effects are expected. In addition, due to protests at the airports of Bogotá and Cali, ASUR has also reported cancellations from Cancun to those cities of the Wingo airline.

Source: Cancun News