Videos: Newlywed Mexican woman complains about husbands cheapness while having a tantrum over a blender


“That is why you are my husband”; the woman throws her partner a tantrum because she didn’t buy her a blender.

“Why are you so elusive? We just got married and you can’t buy me what I’m asking you for,” the woman shouted in the middle of the store.

Who says that tantrums are exclusive to children? On social networks, the video of a woman throwing a tantrum at her husband for not buying what she wanted has gone viral.

Surely, it has happened to you on at least one occasion that while you go to a store or supermarket, in one of the aisles you have seen a family or a mother and her child and at a certain moment the child begins to get restless and throw a tantrum because You want to buy him a toy or a sweet that he wants.

Well, on this occasion, this act was carried out by two adults. A man and a woman united in holy matrimony decided to go buy some things at a supermarket, however, at a certain point, the woman began to get restless because her husband did not want to buy her a blender that she wanted.

Through the TikTok platform, a user shared this fact in three videos that total more than 30 million views and thousands of comments about the woman’s tantrum.

When the woman asked for the blender, the husband replied that he could not buy it because he did not have enough money, which caused the woman to throw a tantrum.

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“Why are you so elusive? We just got married and you can’t buy me what I’m asking you to make you eat well”, the desperate woman shouted.

Although the man tried to explain to the woman, she did not understand the reasons and continued to claim him.“That’s why you’re my husband, right? I want it right now!” the woman said. Respuesta a @aracelygerardo7 ♬ sonido original – Lady precios bajos

Among the comments to this video, some users pointed out that they hoped it was a joke and others that did not predict a good marriage for this couple.

And it is that despite what the man said, the woman was looking for reasons to continue demanding that he buy what she wanted.“We just got married and you are going to do this to me… you have to buy me that blender, borrow money from your dad,” the woman continued.

In the end, the TikTok user shared a video in which, according to users, “evil triumphed”, as the woman can be seen with a blender box in her hand, waiting for her husband to finish paying the rest of the things they bought. Respuesta a @andrevicflores1303 ♬ sonido original – Lady precios bajos

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