‘Tienditas’ on the corner, the safest option to stock up during quarantine in Mexico


Closeness, confidence, assortment, price … the best reasons to go shopping in the ‘little shops’ on the corner.

Before the declaration of a health emergency of force majeure issued by the Ministry of Health, with the consequent measures of social isolation forced by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the National Alliance of Small Merchants ( ANPEC ) stated that convenience stores, known as “Corner stores” are the safest option for grocery shopping.

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Through a statement, ANPEC explained that due to the closeness they have with consumers and serving them 1 to 1, it places them as the most convenient food sales points to pass the confinement decreed by the authorities, including phase 3, which is the most severe.

In addition, being known people from the immediate environment generate trust, which is reflected in social credit, where payments may not be covered at the time. The association also states that in all eventuality, said stores have overcome natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc.

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The union plans a change in the economic paradigm after the pandemic, which will focus consumption towards the regional and traditional manufacturing sectors, since this type of business helps to maintain the circulation of cash and boost the economy of the communities, by prioritizing their products in marketing your products.

ANPEC reiterated the authorities’ call to respect confinement to minimize the risk of COVID-19 contagion, which will allow normalizing daily activities and reviving the national economy as quickly as possible.

The group has been in operation for ten years, focusing its field of action on the small merchant so that the competitive conditions are as equitable as possible, promoting its modernization and sustainability.

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