“Sayulita heroes”: the brigade that blocks roads and returns tourists to their homes


The town of Sayulita, municipality of Bahía de Banderas, Riviera Nayarit, has gone viral in the blink of an eye, by spreading videos and photos of the volunteer work being carried out by brigades from that town, so as not to miss the few tourists that, disobeying sanitary measures, they decided to come to the coast to vacation.

Impiden pobladores la llegada de turistas a la playa Sayulita

These are groups of between 15 and 20 people, who have placed themselves on the entrance to Sayulita at its junction with Federal Highway 200, and with ropes and cones, reflective vests and their mere presence, detain motorists to question their origin. and reason for travel

Realizing that they are tourists or simply strollers looking to go to the beach, they are not allowed to enter the town or continue their journey towards the coast.

This occurs after the governor of Nayarit himself assured that “irresponsible” people had started their journey from Guadalajara to Bahía de Banderas, and some of them had tested positive for COVID-19.

Citizens threatened to organize on social networks setting up checkpoints, an action that since last night is a reality. The governor asked not to serve tourists who begin to arrive, and although there are no large groups or rows of vehicles in the tourist destination, exceptions to the rule have not been lacking, and some people have challenged the pandemic to take vacations.

“We are going to stay what lasts, a year if necessary,” says one of the brigadistas at the checkpoint when he returns to a motorist.

On social networks when this news is spread, many have applauded the measures of the “anti-tourism” brigade, trying to prevent a further spread of the virus and forcing the few disobedient travelers not to underestimate the closure of beaches and tourist activities ordered by the Ministry of Federal health.

“If they close Sayulita, I will go to Vallarta”: tourists are outraged at the closure of visitors

Controversy on Twitter; at the time of disclosure that, in the context of the health emergency, some travelers had not heeded the federal government’s recommendations not to travel and thus avoid spreading the COVID-19 pandemic; Villagers from Sayulita, in the Riviera Nayarit, would have blocked the way to their town for these unwelcome tourists.

Some users of the bird’s social network expressed their dissatisfaction with this measure, and threatened “not to return” and even go to Puerto Vallarta because Sayulita “is not the only place to vacation.”

Fortunately, the vast majority of Internet users applauded the measures taken by the local population to prevent disobedient tourists from the “stay home” indication from continuing on their way to the coast, blocking Federal Highway 200.

However, if many comments came out of people who were allegedly blocked, and therefore expressed their outrage, although they were immediately railed by other tweeters who do understand that this is a health emergency situation and the Nayaritas only seek to protect his people of infections.


– JAMES (@ jameshe24) April 5, 2020

There were other people who, on the contrary, showed their support and called to visit the magical town of the Riviera Nayarit once the contingency passes:

Citizens now close Boca de Tomatlán, following Sayulita’s example

Citizens installed a new checkpoint, now in Boca de Tomatlán, to block the passage to foreign people, this in an effort to enforce the instruction of the Government of Mexico to close the beaches to mitigate contagions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sources confirmed to Vallarta He believes that access to this town is blocked by a citizen brigade, with the support of the municipality’s Police.

“Yes, it will remain closed in these contingency days due to the aforementioned COVID-19. We will only allow local people to pass through. Everything in Boca de Tomatlán is closed: restaurants, boat services, the beach, the roads, “said one inhabitant of this area to the editorial staff of this newspaper.

At the checkpoint, on Federal Highway 200, every motorist or stroller is questioned if he lives in Boca de Tomatlán or the reason for his visit, and those who cannot justify their stay there, are urged to return where they have arrived, with the support of the Municipal Police, the inhabitants of this place pointed out.

This, in follow-up to the example set by the inhabitants of Sayulita , who on Sunday returned to a national level in their town, in Bahía de Banderas, after videos and photos went viral of how they are preventing the passage of travelers who disobeyed the instruction to stay in home, through checkpoints.

Source: vallartaopinaenlinea.com

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