San Miguel de Allende “Fiesta de Locos” may be postponed till August


This traditional festival, known internationally, would have to wait around two months to be celebrated

San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Through the local newspaper Noticias con valor, it was announced that the unique Fiesta de Locos, which takes place every second Sunday in June and is tied with Father’s Day, in addition to bringing together more than 200 thousand people, will be postponed indefinitely due to contingency.

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Paulina Cadena, director of Culture and Traditions of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, specified that they held a meeting with some of the organizers, who had the uncertainty of what will happen after this quarantine, it will be until May 2020 when the crazy cadres will take a decision regarding the realization of the Locos 2020 treat, the municipality proposed to reschedule for the month of August 2020.

“Right now there is no determination on their part, nor on us of any cancellation […] The meeting was in the tone of knowing what they had planned and if they had a plan B in case this were extended; it was more like listening to them. ” Paulina Cadena said

The official also pointed out that they explained to them that by order of the Ministry of Health, the massive events are canceled until further notice and do not know when they will resume.

“In this sense, we told them to propose a rescheduling of this event in August (2020), so that all the people who are looking for us to reschedule; festivals, events, and that need some support from the municipality, such as civil protection, security, we have to give priority to the people who have been doing it for many years and these are the traditions ”he concluded.

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