Mitofsky study reveals that Querétaro is the best state to live in 2020


The most recent study by the Mitofsky polling agency on the best states to study, live and invest was published this Tuesday.

In this survey, Mitofsky evaluated the best states to “Know the history of Mexico”; «Enjoy landscapes»; “Rest”; «Taste good food»; “Sunning”; “Have fun”; “Study”; “Live”; “To work”; “Invest money”; and «Shopping», here are the results.

With 20.3% of the results, Mexico City is the best state to learn the history of Mexico. Mexico City is followed by Guanajuato (18.8), Yucatán (9.5), Chiapas (6.8) and Oaxaca (6.4).

In educational matters, Mexico City also ranked first with 25.1% of the results. The second place in the list corresponds to Nuevo León (19.6), and the top 5 is completed by Guanajuato (14.1), Jalisco (7.4) and Puebla (5.1).

Despite this, the best state to live is Querétaro, with 17.1% of the results. Below Querétaro are Guanajuato (13.1), Yucatán (9.0), Jalisco (7.6) and Durango (7.1).

On the subject of investment, Guanajuato is in the best position with 15.6%. They are closely followed by Querétaro (11.8) and Nuevo León (8.1), while CDMX (8.1) and Chiapas (6.2) complete the top 5.

Guanajuato stands out for its colonial cities, as respondents granted 51.2 percent to cities that have been liked by tourists and have even received various titles, including San Miguel de Allende, who has been nominated in the 25th edition of the ” World´s Best Awards ” by Travel + Leisure magazine. In 2016, 2017, and 2018 it has been recognized as the best city in the world.

The state also stands out for its history and archaeological attractions, since it obtained 12.4 percent. The archaeological zones that Guanajuato and tourists can visit are: PeraltaCañada de la VirgenEl CóporoPlazuelas and Arrollo Seco.

These were the results of the Paneline study in January 2020 conducted by the interviewer led by Roy Campos, what do you think?


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