Mexico’s insecurity under AMLO affecting business sectors across the country


José Abugaber, leader of Concamin, indicated that the industry works to avoid being affected by insecurity throughout the production chain.

José Antonio Abugaber Andonie, President of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (Concamin), stated that insecurity is hitting the industry with operations in different entities of the Mexican Republic.

“One of the biggest challenges that the government will have to face is the security of the entire industry since the engine of Mexico cannot continue to be hit by the issue of insecurity,” said the industrialist during the National Forum: sustainable infrastructure. There he protested to the 2022-2023 Board of Directors of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC).

The industry works together to find immediate solutions that can eradicate these practices, which not only affect all sectors of the industry, but also all Mexicans, said the Guanajuato businessman.

The leader of the industrialists recognized the work of Mauricio Vila, governor of the state of Yucatan, and the work carried out by the CMIC, which represents a fundamental pillar for our country, he said.

Abugaber congratulated the Chamber for its 69th anniversary and Francisco Solares, for his re-election as president of the same.

“Count on our support from Concamin to consolidate the growth of this great state, working together we can make Mexico stronger and more united,” he declared.

The president of Concamin recognized that the construction industry is one of the main sectors of the Mexican economy and the most important in terms of market value in Latin America.

The construction industry attracts a large amount of public and private investment, as well as demands supplies and services from 185 of 262 economic branches that are key to this sector.

He also pointed out that the participation and contribution of the CMIC is important, particularly in strategic issues for economic reactivation, in the development of an Industrial Policy and implementation of a regional program, the Oaxaca Pact.

José Abugaber Andonie also added that one of the pillars of the construction industry is real estate, which is constantly growing in addition to generating millions of jobs throughout the country, for which it is important to strengthen the sector since it needs to be boosted through increased investment, regulation, and transparency.

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