Los Cabos taxi “runs over” Uber driver and kills him, they doubt it was an accident and demand justice


The mishap was recorded early this Sunday in Cabo San Lucas; the man who died was veiled in the company of at least a dozen Uber drivers

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS ). In the tourist destination of Los Cabos, the drivers belonging to the Uber digital platform demonstrated at the wake of one of their companions, which was hit Sunday, March 1; they ask for justice before the fact, because they assure that it was not an accident.

In one of the videos that circulate on social networks, a van is seen maneuvering against people who had just crossed the street, of which one was run over and lost his life minutes after entering the hospital. Sometime later it turned out that it was a driver of the digital platform.

The events occurred at dawn on March 1, in one of the streets of the hotel zone of El Médano in Cabo San Lucas , when they were captured by a security camera in the area.

Witnesses report that the aggressor was a taxi driver from the El Arco site , which went around the block twice, attempting both times against the civilian; the first time he approached and the second he ran over him, they point out.

Just over a dozen vehicles, identified as Uber partners, made an appearance in the funeral procession of the deceased citizen. In the windows, they carried banners demanding justice from the authorities.

“Solidaridad Uber, San José del Cabo ”, “They are killing us, justice”, “I didn’t die, they killed me, justice for Javier”, were some of the messages displayed by the drivers.

The tour made by the drivers of the application covered from San José del Cabo to the funeral home El Arbolito in Cabo San Lucas.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time in the dispute between transport members and the Uber company in Los Cabos as a result affects people.

A year ago, at kilometer 19 of the Cabo San Lucas tourist corridor, there was an accident that left at least 3 people injured, 2 of them tourists who were visiting the municipality, whose responsible taxi driver fled.

Finally, in social networks some users pointed out that the driver’s mishap was due to “working illegally” or “driving badly”; On the other hand, there were also those who demanded proof that it was a taxi.

“I’m not going by taxi”: a campaign against taxi drivers due to murder of an UBER driver

Through social networks, a social campaign was deployed as a protest against the recent homicide of the young UBER platform driverJavier Antonio Trejo, who was rammed by a van-type van affiliated with the Taxi site “ El Arco ”, 

The enormous outrage of the inhabitants of South California for the arterous murder of the UBER partner, led the people of the city to express their pain and support in solidarity with the family of the deceased driver, launching the campaign ” I’m not going by taxi “, inviting all people who stop requiring the services of this public transport, for one day, with the aim of creating awareness among the citizens and demanding that the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office clarify Javier’s murder, capturing the material author of the Homicide for justice in this unfortunate case.

Similarly, the movement that began to viralize on digital platforms under the hashtags: # 1DiaSinViolencia and # UnDíaSinTaxis, calls on national and foreign tourists who are visiting the main tourist destinations of Baja California Sur, to stop using this traditional means of transport so that the dissatisfaction and the tiredness of the society feel before the eternal dispute between partners of UBER and taxi drivers, that has left unfortunate consequences, among them, human losses.

Just remember that since October 2018, when UBER began operations in Los Cabos and La Paz, verbal and direct confrontations between the members of both transport unions were repeatedly raised, given the refusal and concern of the taxi drivers for the arrival of the modern and sophisticated digital platform, which came to compete strongly with their obsolete units, driving latest-model cars, and obviously, including all the basic comforts for the passengers in turn, unleashing the violence caused by the drivers by taxi, mainly in Los Cabos.

Now, and after the unfortunate death of the UBER driver, the same society calls for a stop to these reprehensible actions that are staining with blood and death one of the most important tourism trigger regions, not only of Baja California Sur, but of whole Mexico, with this campaign that seeks to eradicate the aggressions between transport service providers, in all the southern California territory.


“I hope they kill more”: taxi driver to Los Cabos Uber drivers

The taxi driver based in Cabo San Lucas, Jesús Ceseña Ritchie, celebrated the murder of the UBER driver, Javier Antonio Trejo, early on Monday, March 2 in this tourist destination, when the platform partner digital, he was killed in an act of premeditation and alevosía, by another taxi driver aboard a van from the site “El Arco”, exploding the outrage of the inhabitants of Baja California Sur.

In his personal Facebook account, the driver, expressly expressed his feeling: ” I hope they kill more “, a publication that minutes later was deleted, after receiving multiple comments from users who disapproved of their action.

Following the arrival of UBER in this region, the taxi drivers ‘union has been declining its transport service, which is reflected in receiving lower incomes to support these workers’ homes.

Likewise, the publication of the annoying taxi driver revived the fatal accident where 5 taxi drivers lost their lives in the “5 Warriors”, a road section leading to the exit of Cabo San Lucas, commenting that “ just like them – UBER drivers – They also mentioned it, when the accident of the 5 Warriors happened, with teasing, today, I also say that it was good that it happened in this accident ”.

After its controversial publication, the unconscious taxi driver had no choice but to delete his comments on Facebook, after receiving several reviews from users of this platform, for mocking the death of another person.

So far, the taxi site that Jesus Ceseña Ritchie represents, has not issued any position on the unfortunate comments of his associate, increasing the eternal dispute between taxi drivers and drivers of UBER, but now, hanging from an unfortunate tragedy.

Source: bcsnoticias,mx, metropolimx.com

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