The director of the Agepqroo recognizes property titles issued in 2005 that are false, but that even so have served for people to obtain their cadastral certificates

CHETUMAL, MX. – After acknowledging that one of the three properties donated by the state government for the realization of the Jaguar park in Tulum was invaded, the general director of the Strategic Projects Agency (Agepqroo), José Alberto Alonso Ovando confirmed that they have detected false titles of property issued in 2005 (date of termination of Governor Joaquín Hendricks Díaz and beginning of the term of Félix González Canto) that are used for the invasion of land in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

He explained that those who carry out this type of real estate fraud took advantage of the process of disappearance of the then Housing Promotion Institute (Infovir) and creation of the State Heritage Institute (Ipae) since the property titles detected date from 2005 “but with false signatures from the governor and from the secretary of government, wrong seals and wrong measurements”.

Alonso Ovando acknowledged, however, that these false property titles have allowed the issuance of cadastral certificates, also false.

Right now in Tulum we have two serious problems and another in Puerto Morelos that we are fighting, he assured.

Alonso Ovando confirmed that at the moment he has registered at least 20 complaints for the dispossession of land owned by the State government. These spoils would be between 90 to 100 effective hectares.

He said that the state government is working on a land regularization process, but as long as the people accept it.

The director of the Agepqroo confirmed that the state government is working on the recovery of a piece of land, of the three that were donated for the construction of the Jaguar Park, which has been invaded.

After we donated those three pieces of land, we saw on social networks that one of those pieces of land was being sold, but the State Attorney General’s Office is already investigating and we are going to find those responsible, he assured.

There is a particular in Tulum that coincides with this problem of forgery of titles.

Regarding the remains in Playa del Carmen, Alonso Ovando pointed out that the suspension of workers from the Public Registry of Property is related to issues of individuals affected by this falsification of documents and property titles.

He acknowledged that in Tulum the state government is working to combat four cases “but we are sure that we are going to win it because there is an original crime that judges must assess when issuing a sentence.” (SIM Agency)

Source: Noticaribe