David Brown, a French expat who came to San Miguel de Allende to buy a house was brutally murdered


San Miguel de Allende, Gto.- On Sunday morning a man was murdered at the Exit to Celaya, a few meters from a Hotel, two subjects attacked him and dropped a huge stone on his head, the victim was identified as David Brown, a Frenchman who came to San Miguel to buy a house.

At approximately 7 a.m., an injured person was reported at the Exit to Celaya after participating in a fight.

Immediately Red Cross paramedics arrived who located a man lying in the middle of the street, with various blows to his body. The paramedics performed CPR but the man was pounounced dead in hospital an hour later.

The municipal authorities and the Prosecutor’s Office provided brief information about the case, the city council said in a statement that everything derived from an assault outside a bar while the Prosecutor’s Office only reported the facts and indicated that it was investigated to determine the identity of the dead.

At night, a woman was worried that her client had not come to the appointment to view the house he was interested in.

It was not until this Tuesday that the victim was confirmed: David Brown, a 43-year-old French man, who lives in CDMX.

David had come to San Miguel to buy a house and after going out to enjoy the nightlife, he was killed by two subjects who have not been arrested so far.

According to a Public Security statement, this fact could be related to another event that occurred at 06:00, in which they point out that a report was received to the 911 emergency system, indicating that on Rivera Street, on the corner with Canal, at from the Guanajuato bridge in the downtown area, a male person was lying on the ground.

When the police arrived at the scene, there was a person dressed in a red shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots, who presented an injury to the face on the left side, saying that he had been hit by a person with a very dark complexion, refusing to be treated for the ambulance, so the units withdraw from the scene.

Later, at 07:00 hours when the report was received on Ancha street in San Antonio, corner with Stirling Dickinson, in the downtown area, there was a quarrel, upon police arrival, they detected a person Male gender lying down, dressed in a blue and white striped shirt, black denim pants, and tennis shoes, with a brown complexion, robust complexion, and approximately 1.80 meters tall, who was transferred to the regional hospital in red code.

Experts from the Criminal Investigation Agency arrived at the site to start the investigations and collect the stone with which they injured the man.

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The Dark Curtain: An Investigation into Sunday Morning’s Homicide (Pt. I)

No recent local murder has sparked more controversy than the death of a 43 -year-old man who had been beaten to death with a rock this past Sunday. His violent death has raised new questions regarding the effectiveness of cameras, the efficiency of the Sub-Procurador’s office, and the quick assumptions made by government officials and journalists in the city of San Miguel.

We decided to follow-up on this particular crime in an attempt to better understand why, after our city has experienced more than 100 homicides, there have been relatively few arrests. Too often, the public blames the Municipal Police, but more often than not, it is the lack of consistent follow-up by the state judicial police which accounts for the huge number of criminals that are never brought to justice. They are overwhelmed and understaffed…not just here, but throughout the state of Guanajuato.

Even when reporters try to get answers, a dark curtain usually falls over the investigation. Government offices provide limited information, leading to more and more public speculation and gossip. Witnesses, fearing consequences, are often too scared to come forward. Businesses usually react by expressing concerns about economic repercussions. Getting at the Truth becomes a low priority, and as a result, Justice is not served. Criminals go free, and impunity reigns. Citizens become increasingly distrustful of the authorities, cynicism sets in, and the cycle of negativity becomes almost impossible to break.

The case at hand involved the tragic death of “David Brown,” a 43-year old French citizen, who had spent a good part of his life in Paris, and had only recently established residence in Mexico City. (That name was one of 3 aliases he had used over the years, complicating the investigation.) Sadly, as we write this article, David’s two assailants are still on the loose. If recent history is any indication, they will never be arrested.. even though several people had witnessed the attack. The confluence of all these unfortunate factors almost guarantees that in this case, as in so many others, justice will not be served.

However, there were some bright stars in this otherwise tragic story. They were the few brave souls who helped us put most of the pieces together, and for that, we are grateful. The unidentified taxi driver who ran to the aid of the dying man after he was pummeled by his two attackers; the employee at the hotel who provided information about the comings
& goings of David Brown, and most importantly, the real estate agent who spent two days of her life trying to learn the facts. It is largely thanks to her courageous efforts that we can bring you our report. drb

( Part II of our story will elaborate more on the victim’s background & his movements on the night of the crime. That report will follow in the next few days.)

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Source: noticiasconvalorsma.com, newssanmiguel.com.mx

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