Cruise ship in San Francisco with 21 Coronavirus infected, passed through 4 Mexican ports


The nearly 3,500 people aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship, anchored off the coast of San Francisco California, where 21 infected with coronaviruses have been confirmed, unravel this Monday and will be placed in special places for observation.

The Grand Princess returned to the port, after verifying that 19 crew and 2 passengers tested positive for coronavirus, this cruise was on the San Francisco-Hawaii-San Francisco route, however, in its previous itinerary they stopped 4 Mexican ports.

The Grand Princess made stops in Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan before a final robbery in Cabo San Lucas on February 18 and headed back to San Francisco. The passenger who died this week in California began showing symptoms the next day, but did not test positive for coronavirus until March 3, according to health officials.

According to the authorities, passengers who are residents of California will be transferred to facilities in the same state to continue the procedure and keep them in quarantine.

The disembarkation of passengers will continue on Monday and people who do not reside in California will be transferred to different facilities in other states. The crew will also be quarantined and carried out onboard the cruise ship.

The arrival of the cruise ship at the port of Oakland comes after the more than 2,500 people on board were quarantined after the death of a 71-year-old passenger from coronavirus and another 21 cases have been confirmed.

The cruise, which was headed to Hawaii, returned to the city of San Francisco after several passengers and crew members began experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. The deceased died two weeks after returning to the country in the same boat and after traveling to Mexico

To date, the United States has recorded 19 deaths from the Covid-19 and more than 370 confirmed cases, 21 of them on a cruise ship that remains at sea off the Bay of San Francisco, California, in Mexico only have been confirmed 6 cases none of them fatal.

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