Canaco will seek to ‘knock down’ AMLO initiative to remove the long weekend holidays


He argues that this decision would hurt tourism, as it has been shown that during these days of business there is a high economic spill in different sectors

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- After the announcement made this morning by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to “remove” the holidays that make for long weekends, the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Turismo de Sinaloa Sur (Canaco Servytur) spoke out against the initiative and said it would seek to make a front so that it does not enter into force.

Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, president of this business organization, informed that during the next week a meeting will be held with the members of Concanaco Servytur (which is the entity that brings together all the chambers of commerce of the country), in which will propose “knocking down” this initiative.

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“We have the Concanaco meeting and there I will touch this issue on the table to see the position of the president of Concanaco, José Manuel López Campos, so that this initiative is put down.”

“We, like Canaco, are going to be doing everything that corresponds to be able to remove that initiative that the president has just announced and hopefully it will be achieved,” he said.

The president of Canaco in South Sinaloa argued that these days of business represent a high economic spill for various sectors, mainly tourist destinations, which is reflected in the high occupancy in hotels, restaurants and the flow of consumers in shops.

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It is not convenient to eliminate ‘holiday weekends’, considers State Tourism

The first long holiday weekend of the year left very good results in tourism in Sinaloa, says Pérez Barros

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The Puentes or “long weekends” have helped promote tourism, benefiting the economy of the states, and in the case of Sinaloa, only in the first Puente of the year there were very good results because 98 percent of Hotel occupancy in Mazatlan and 94 percent in the rest, said the Secretary of Tourism of the State, Óscar Pérez Barros.

He considered that from the tourism perspective it is not advisable to eliminate these days of business, when commenting on the announcement of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to suspend them and that the historical dates are celebrated on the corresponding day.

Óscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa.

“It does not look convenient from the tourist part, although the academic part is another point of view. In Sinaloa the connectivity of Magical Towns, stately villages, beach and mountain destinations have benefited. In case they were suspended, new alternatives would have to be sought, a great complement is to continue with the Vialando Puro Sinaloa program ”.

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The Secretary of Tourism said that if the intention of President López Obrador is fulfilled, in Sinaloa the most appropriate decisions will be taken and new alternatives will be sought to promote tourism, noting that they will continue with the Puro Sinaloa Traveling Program that has given good results in the different tourist destinations of the state.

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