Australian expat and husband from Merida missing: they find her two-year-old daughter alone in Cancun


Authorities are searching for a 32-year-old Australian woman who resides in Mérida.

The search kicked off when the woman’s 2-year-old daughter was found by herself in Cancún. 

Also missing is the woman’s husband, Jorge Luis Aguirre Estudillo, who is a Mexican citizen. 

The woman, Tanhee Louise Shanks, was last spotted at El Cuyo on April 30, in the far eastern end of Yucatán state. 

La turista australia Tahnne Shanks llegó a visitar El Cuyo y Las Coloradas  en Yucatán y después ya no se supo más de ella / Iba acompañada de su  “pareja” de nombre

As a result of the disappearances, state authorities have activated a state-wide “Alba Alert.”

Toddler found alone in Cancun

However, according to reports from the Quintana Roo press, the girl was found walking alone in Cancun on the night of Monday, May 2, around 9 a.m. It happened at Supermanzana 220, 107th Street with 74, near the parish of Michael Archangel. The little girl was wearing a pink blouse and blue shorts, the same clothes she had on in the last photograph taken on Saturday the 30th and sent to her relatives by her mother.

Neighbors in the area reported the case to 911. Municipal police arrived at the scene and personnel from the Group Specialized in Care and Family Violence for Gender Reasons (Geavig) took charge of the minor.

Finally, when images of the minor found were disseminated, an uncle of the girl identified her and said that she had lost contact with her sister, the mother of the little girl, since Saturday the 30th. 

Missing Australian in Cancun

Versions circulated in Quintana Roo that the couple was seen aboard a white Tundra Toyota pick-up truck, owned by Aguirre Astudillo, in Cancun. It would have been Jorge Luis who left the little girl on the street. The Australian woman’s family claims that she would never have left her daughter alone. It is worth mentioning that he is also missing and is wanted by the authorities for being the last person who had contact with the two women. 

The search file that was activated in Quintana Roo maintains that the woman was last seen in Cancun on May 2. However, the clothes she was wearing are unknown. The data published by the Yucatecan Prosecutor’s Office mentions that Tahnne had denim shorts and a black strapless blouse. This description is based on the last photo sent to her family. 

The 32-year-old has a fair complexion, slim build, wavy red hair, and blue eyes, is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 65 kilos. Along her leg, she has a tattoo of seven chakras. 

Authorities are requesting people with any information about Shanks or Estudillo to file a report at 800-002-6237, extension 41164.

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